Hi! John and I are sea kayaking the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling along the Gulf Coast from the Alabama border to Key West.  We are avid paddlers, hikers, travelers, adventurers and Expats, with our home in Nicaragua. And recently early retired.

Paddling along the BC coast near Bella Bella

I'd been chronicling our travels and adventures via my personal Facebook profile over the past several years but decided to post it in a more readable format as we began our Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddle Trail trip. Thus this blog.

Miss Pink and Baby Blue are our beloved Romany Classic Sea Kayaks, which we spend a lot of time in while exploring this gorgeous blue planet.

But they are not our only mode of transportation and exploration. We also have two canoes. A whitewater wooden dory named Rio Blanco. A Raft named Twister Oval. Three inflatable kayaks. Two Feathercraft kayaks, which are folding sea kayaks we've flown with us to paddle in the Bahamas and Baja. And two other hard shelled touring sea kayaks and two whitewater kayaks, although it's unlikely we'll be getting back into our whitewater kayaks any time soon. Oh, and two paddle boards. Did I mention we like boats? (And that we don't even have a home in the States anymore?)


Our home on wheels

And not a boat, but definitely a major mode of transportation for us while in the States and Canada and Mexico is our home on wheels; a six cylinder Toyota truck with pop top camper which comes fully loaded with a well-used plastic pee bucket.

Casa Susana in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

And then there's our beloved and beautiful home, Casa Susana, in a wild, bird-noisy jungle by a Pacific beach in Nicaragua, which BTW we make available to guests via Airbnb when we're not there.

I love to write. I love to take quick photos with my iPhone.

And I love to think about what you might find interesting to read and see as you travel along with us on our adventures, either to places you may never expect to experience or to places you already have booked and on your calendar to visit and just want some boots-on-the-ground details.


Cheers! ~ Susana