Layover Sink Creek: Day 42, Florida CT Paddle 3.26.18

Dear Reader,

Yes, you read that right. Another layover day. Again we’ve been laid low by the wind, and a cold one at that.

Last night’s marine weather forecast had a small craft advisory for today. And Miss Pink and Baby Blue are nothing if not small, with their not-quite 16′ length and their skinny little waists. So today we slept in.

Under gnarled trees.

And beside others that have lost all but their core.

Except to cook, eat and do dishes, we’ve stayed huddled in the tent reading.

We hang our food bags in trees if we can, during the day, and store them in our boats’ hatches at night, to keep any rodents or raccoons out out of them. Although we haven’t seen signs of anything trying to get into them so far on this trip, knock on wood.

Our dishwashing system is straightforward and simple. It consists of three bowls. All three get river water which I collect as soon as we arrive to camp, before I change out of my wetsuit booties and into dry socks and crocs. If I set it up early enough, the water even has time to warm in the sun before I need it for dinner dishes.

The first pan gets BioSuds and is for washing. The second pan is just river water for rinsing off the soap. And the third pan is river water with Clorox. I have a scrubby and a scraper. And a boat deck makes a great drying rack.

When we left Steinhatchee yesterday morning, we left with a full resupply which weighs our small boats down. Thus we chose to only carry a few days worth of water.

Did you know that water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon? It’s the heaviest thing we carry. Well, besides our food bags after resupply days.

So, tomorrow we need to move on to a water source. The winds are expected to lessen, but not by a whole lot. The entire week’s forecast is windy.

I’m now reading Barbara Kingsolver’s “Lacuna” set in Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Mexico, with all the brilliant reds and blues and yellows of both that country, its birds, and their paintings.

Sitting here under a leaden sky, amongst the muted greens of marsh reeds, the browns of twisted trees, and the cold bite of wind, Mexico and Nicaragua both are calling me, reminding me they’re waiting, whenever we’re ready to come home.

We are alive.

We are healthy.

We are adventurers.


Cheers, Susana


  1. Sara McCoy says:

    Sounds like a wise decision to lay over. Wish you were laying over at my house. I could cook you a good dinner and we could catch up on books and life. I have parent conferences Wednesday and Thursday. Since some go into the evening, we get to leave at noon on Tuesday! Then packing for Santa Cruz. I will miss sharing my spring break with you twobthis year, but new adventures await! Do you know what your plans are after this trip? Any time in the northwest? I will be in school til June 15, and headed to Juneau for a few days days (21-25) for Luann’s daughter’s wedding. The rest of June and July are open for now. Baby due mid July, but for that I think I’ll be around, hiking and playing locally. Let me know if you think you might want to plan a visit.😘😊❤️⛺️🦋🌮🚣🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️Still waiting on that warm spring weather!

    1. susanafield says:

      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be going to the PNW this year. But plans have a way of being fluid. I too miss not being with you for your Spring Break this year. Would love to be meeting you at the Oasis in Loreto for a margarita and game of Rummikub next week!

  2. Tania says:


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